Sunday, March 6, 2011

what's in a name?

For whatever reason, naming our baby is hard for me... and my husband. There is a fine line between trying to come up with an original name and not totally dooming your child to grade school cruelty. For us it is especially hard. Our daughter's name was a cinch... we had it picked out before we even knew we were having a girl. We have never had a solid boy's name picked out. Our thoughts were just not as in-line when it came to discussing boys' names. After a short list of possibilities, we have finally decided on a name but I'm not revealing it yet... you have to guess! This is me at 27 weeks (just one week left in my second trimester). So what name do you think we picked?


  1. I love Reece and Corbin! Both were on my list of boy names I liked!

    You are so stinkin cute!! Is this a selfie?

  2. Thanks Shannon! I've been wanting to do this for a while (even before we actually decided on a name), but I was waiting for my belly to get big enough to look okay in the photo. It wasn't a technical selfie since I actually had Hunter press the shutter button since I don't have patience for the timer, but I did set everything up myself :)

  3. I don't have patience for the timer either and I'm horrible at placing myself behind the lens (I'm always way off center somehow even though I look like I'm not when I'm standing there!)

    Can't wait to find out the name!!