Monday, May 17, 2010

beautiful flowers and my beautiful daughter | tulsa oklahoma child photographer

So my friend Chris O'Dell (a fellow photographer) called me up and said he was taking his daughter to a field of buttercups in the morning and invited me along to get some pictures of Evie. It's been a while since I've seriously attempted to get some good photographs of her. She's a very hyper toddler and doesn't always cooperate. So I went with the hopes to get a few good shots of her and I was so pleased with how well she did. It was a beautiful spring day and the flowers were just as beautiful. Both girls did great and I finally have some (recent) print worthy photographs of my Evie.

Chris got a shot of me with my Evie...

I even got a few good shots of little miss Juliet...

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  1. I am absolutely in love with your sweet angel and obviously the photography!
    You and your daughter's photo (the one on 'about' page too) is such an amazing one. *Heart*